In order to qualify for membership of the 'Strike-it-rich' lottery you must be over 18 years of age and give consent to abide by the published rules of the lottery.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse membership where a criterion is not being met by applicants.

To be entered into a draw you must be fully paid up, arrears must also be paid. The Committee reserves the right not to enter persons into the draw and to cancel membership if any rules are infringed.

The lottery will abide by the privacy policy as stated that personal information will only be used to administer the lottery efficiently including the notification and publication of winners.


Payment can be by cash, cheque or by standing order.

The cost for each chance is £1 per week (£52 per year).

If paying by a monthly standing order of £4 per month (£48 per year) this entitles you to 4 weeks free entries. Members paying by Standing Order are responsible to ensure that payments are set-up and carried out by their own bank. The Club will provide a form and the lottery's sort code and bank account number.

If paying by cheque 4 working days will be required for clearance.

The Committee reserves the right to review its payment policy/cost of chances as necessary.

Members can have unlimited number of chances subject to regular payment.


There will be a minimum five daily £10 draws per week (i.e. a single draw Monday to Friday inclusive) and one £100 monthly draw which will be made on the last Sunday of the month.

Additionally there will be special draws where deemed appropriate by the Committee.

The Committee to suspend or cancel draws where necessary.

The draw is a totally randomised draw and is made from the web-site where it is scrutinised. It is based on the number of chances purchased by members e.g. if a person has 2 chances, then 2 chances will be entered into each draw as long as payments are up to date.

Winners and Notification of Results

The lottery will pay out not more than 50% of its prize fund as regulated by the Gaming Commission. The number of draws and prizes will be under constant review with the aim of increasing prizes in line with increased membership.

Winners will be notified by email from the site or by letter.

Payment will be made in accordance with the member's wishes: cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Results are published on the 'Results' page on the web-site and are available on request.

Under the 2005 Gambling Act Saltaire CC is registered with the Bradford Metropolitan District Council.